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Why to prefer Fue Hair Transplant over other methods of hair transplantation ?


FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction, a new technique for those who wants hair back. In a new trend, FUE hair transplantation is getting popular just because of time saving. It allows you to come for treatment in the morning and go home in the evening same day. Most importantly you can go to office next day. Check it out…

How it works

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally hair transplantation technique. In this treatment hair follicles grafts. Which is removed from the patient’s donor area? After taken these follicles transplanted to the recipient area.

What is procedure

  1. Preparation for Donor: Hair from tnt’s donor area is trimmed. Now physician checks it and decide to work on patient’s scalp, as well as each donor follicle.
  2. Placement: One hair follicle unit contains one, two, three hair. It creates natural results. The process of FUE is same as that of other hair transplantation technique. The physician makes small incisions in the patient’s recipient area. The follicular grafts are then placed by according to the number of hairs within each follicle.
  3. Important care: The incision heals completely in a few days. But take care is necessary as per physician’s directions.
  4. Hair Growth: The overall growth takes three months after grafting. And patient’s must noticed it.