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Bio Fue Hair Transplant

Bio Fue Hair Transplant

Plasma Rich Platelet therapy was used to naturally stimulate hair growth. Dr. Greco was the first one to use PRP in all stages of hair transplantation and combine it with FUE techniques. It uses your own proteins, growth stimulating factors and mesenchymal stem cells to heal the do-nor site faster leaving lesser scars compared to conventional methods. This is merged with Fue technology to enhance results. The hair yield is better and quicker and the density of non-transplanted hair also goes up. Surgeons often concentrate solely on the graft harvesting and lose focus when it comes to artistic hairline. Extensive experience and skill is required for de-signing the hairline to make it look natural and stunning. With the combination of PRP and fue, this has become easier. So, make sure to assess the surgeon's expertise in FUE proce-dures and his artistry before going in for the procedure.

Bio Fue Hair Transplant Advantages

Why go in for artificial looking procedures that may leave behind scars for you to hide? Bio-FUE is the new innovation that can give you superior results and a natural looking hair thickness.

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