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How Hair Loss Can Affects your Emotions and Feelings


Today’s generation is busy & career minded and especially the teenagers are bothered about their styles and looks. Hair loss can play wreck with our lives but with the advancement of science you can find out number of solutions.

Both male & female are aware of hair loss & are also aware of how people comment upon their baldness especially the younger generation who experience hair loss. It is really very difficult to accept the change in appearance and look especially for women with hair loss which decreases her beauty and feminity.

According to survey 63% of women have career related problems due to hair loss and about 77 to 80% men face issues with their careers. Loss of hair at early stage makes a person look older than his age.

Causes of Hair Loss:

Losing hair is a reality for many men because it can easily be traced i.e. male pattern baldness. Many men experience hair loss or baldness due to heredity factors from the fathers & from maternal grandparents. However there are other factors that contribute for baldness i.e. health, lack of vitamins and nutritional factors that affect hair growth in man.  Mostly about three out of hair four men lose hair by the age of 60.

Women are also prone to hair fall but comparatively lesser than men. There are number of reasons for hair loss in women i.e. hormonal changes will cause temporary hair loss, Patchy hair loss, scalp infections through prolonged use of medication, hereditary, hair styles and treatments, thyroid disorders etc.

Hair Loss Treatments:

Most of us take hair loss for granted but hair is the most important part of the beauty and the best part of your body. Hair fall more than required needs medical consultation with a good doctor. Nowadays, lots of alternatives are found in the market. Minoxidil is a medicine available in the market for both men & women. The other drug presently recommended for hair loss is Propecia i.e. finasteride to be only used by men. As DHT signals decreases the hair growth and increases the rest stage of harmone sensitive follicles that leads to baldness. These treatments are not fruitful to every person who uses it. Thanks to the modern technology for many permanent methods for hair loss such as hair transplant, scalp reduction, artificial hair, hair cloning is becoming popular among people.
According to NHT – the largest hair transplant counselor, who has done an analysis on the reasons behind hair fall in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, London and Istanbul – stress is the main reason for hair loss among people who are looking for hair transplant in Delhi and other mentioned cities.

Dealing with Emotional Cost:

In the modern times many people opt not to spend for hair loss as they are unable style their hairs. They have feeling of low self esteem, loss of attractiveness, shyness which goes hand in hand with hair loss. There are number of rehabilitation centers that help men and women to support them for hair loss and many online resources.

If people get in touch with these sites personally or online they can get help to regain their confidence back. Eventually, we should proceed in life helping in view the way we impress ourselves and the emotions around us. You can get back all your confidence if you seek professional advice for hair loss which will improve your self-esteem and surely you can maintain your identity. Your ego should not be tied with your hair.

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