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Some Tips for Reducing Hair Loss

hair loss

It is quite disturbing to see continuous hair fall and sometimes, the hair fall goes out of your control. It is quite heartbreaking as well as it can leave scratches on your confidence level. To start the treatment of hair loss, one needs to know the reasons of hair loss.

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There are several reasons which one can count in this regard and he or she needs to understand these reasons in detail. Only if he or she gets aware of these reasons, he or she can start finding remedies for reduction of the hair loss.

hair loss

Few pertinent reasons

  1. Mental Stress: Among various reasons behind the hair loss, mental stress is the one which plays a crucial role to affect the health of the hair. As we are tied up with lots of work in a day, and the work pressure is an added trick to that scheduled work, it results in huge hair loss. Continuous mental stress in the workplace result to unusual blood circulation in the scalp. Sometimes this leads uncontrollable hair loss.
  2. Excess consumption of Vitamin A: Excess amount of consumption of Vitamin A, may trigger hair loss. If one undergoes any sort of medication, specifically intakes vitamin A, then he or she must take suggestion from the physician in case of excessive hair loss.
  3. Lack of protein: If you are neglecting protein from your diet, then you may face excessive hair loss. In this case, you need to be more cautious of maintaining a proper diet in your daily life.

Some important areas which one needs to know about the reduction of hair loss

  1. Oil massage on regular basis: This is considered as one of the most important area, which everyone must follow, if he or she wants to reduce the excessive hair loss. Oil massage on regular basis triggers up the blood circulation in the scalp. Hot oil massage can be an effective remedy to reduce the hair fall. It will be better to avoid too much of hot water in the scalp. Here the selection of the correct oil is necessary. There are few pressure points in the head; massage on these points can be helpful.
  2. Do not comb wet water: Combing wet water has its adverse effects in the scalp. Whenever you are combing your hair, it should be done in a subtle manner. Also it is important to maintain a particular direction whenever you are combing your hair. Also combing your hair twice or thrice a day can be helpful as it increases blood circulation on your scalp and triggers up the hair re-growth.
  3. Apply castor oil: Applying castor oil on your can lead to reduction of excessive hair loss. The ingredients in the castor oil help to remove dandruff from your scalp. One needs to apply the castor oil half an hour before you take bath. One should always use shampoo after using the castor oil. Using castor oil twice or thrice a week can be helpful.
  4. Neem treatment- This particular treatment helps in reducing hair loos. People often use this particular method for better result. Neem acts as an antiseptic which helps to kill virus and bacteria.  One should take fresh neem leaves boil them till half of the water in the glass turns green.  Eventually give some time to cool down and then wash your hair with it.  This is the most identified herbal treatment for reducing hair fall.
  5. Amla- To prevent hair loss amla acts as panacea. This can be used both internally and externally. A mixture of amla and coconut oil is prepared which is then applied on the roots of the hair. This makes the hair roots stronger.  Amla is also a great source of vitamin C for the hair.
  6. Garlic juice- Garlic is also important to stop hair fall. One should mix the garlic with coconut oil and boil the entire mixture for a certain time period. Then cool the entire mixture and slowly apply it on the hair. This should be used twice a week for 2 months for an effective result.

If one fails to get results by applying these natural home care methods, then he or she can go through Hair Transplant method to get the best results.