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Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss in Men

Why suffer from hair loss?

Hair grows everywhere on the body excluding palms and soles. Hair structure stu-dies have proven that hair is actually nothing more than a string of dead cells con-taining keratin. While, beautiful hair is a woman's pride, healthy hair is equally important for men. Losing it can be devastating for either and may adversely af-fect self-esteem. Small amounts of hair in your brush are not a cause of worry. Balding starts when hair fall (Telogen Effluvium) exceeds 100 hairs per day. Further, each hair follicle has its own characteristic lifecycle, after which the hair falls off. This lifecycle can be affected by advancing age, diseases and nutrition and stress factors. Men may also notice loss of facial hair especially in areas of the goatee or the beard. It could be due to underlying etiologies like genetics, laser hair removal, surgery and scarring, electrolysis or injuries.

But why suffer from hair loss? Hair transplantation for the scalp and Facial Hair Transplantation can help you to restore the full thickness of your hair. It can be performed on areas where the growth is thin and more fullness is required for re-covering that 'handsome, youthful look'!

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